South Africa

My name is Euletta and I was born in 1974. I have 3 children and one grandchild and while I’m not employed full time I volunteer and a youth empowerment organisation just outside Durban in KwaZulu-Natal.

The first time I found out that I am HIV positive was when I was pregnant with my last born. It was shocking to hear that I am HIV positive. I had to go for counselling and they gave me my treatment so it would prevent my baby from getting sick.

When they told me my diagnosis at the clinic I went home and told my partner that I am HIV positive and he must go and check his status but he refused. It was hard to take the medicine back then because it was before the one tablet antiretroviral treatment was available. I had to take medicine twice – in the morning and at night and it used to make me sick. After a month on treatment I got use to taking it and I stopped getting sick. Now I take the one tablet a day which is so convenient.

I am upgrading my education and doing night school to get my matric. I want to show my kids that you are never too old to get an education.

I hope God can keep me until my kids finish school and can work for themselves.