I am Gamora a 42-year-old Malawian Christain woman with three sons. I was diagnosed with HIV in 2006 and have been taking antiretroviral treatment for 15 years. I have struggled with this disease for a long time; I have struggled to take care of my family and my children. Their father died when the boys were very young, we had only been married for 5 years when he passed away, leaving me when the oldest was in Standard One, the middle boy was in nursery school and the youngest was only 2 months old. I thank God for His to raise these children and now they are grown up.

When I started taking antiretroviral treatment 15 years ago I struggled with the side effects of the medication and developed jaundice because I couldn’t tolerate the regime I was one. After trying several different combinations I am now on treatment that works well for me. They have changed my health and my life and I have regained my physical strength. I thank God for this.